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Of course not everyone who wants to support the PFI nations – in their own country - is a pagan. As pagans many things are important to us, not only being able to practice our religion.

As an activist organisation we also support human rights for both men & women, children’s rights, gay rights, animal rights, the right to work and live in a free environment, the right to clean air, clean water, environmental issues – wherever we feel our planet and it’s inhabitants are being wronged. Many of these issues are not specifically pagan but what we could call “Human Issues”. If these issues are dear to your heart please join us as a “Friend of PFI”

Stichting PFI as an international organisation is actively supporting the PFI Nations locally. For us the motto “Think internationally, act globally” has been in practice since the late 1990’s. The foundation, as an affiliated organisation of the Pagan Federation in the UK, has been able to continue and spread the grass-root ideals and aims instigated by the PF in the 1970’s.

By becoming a “Friend of PFI” you can help us support pagans globally and also provide us with the means to attend academic conferences, give talks and represent the PFI generally. As we become better known we can act as an advisory body for the European Union, Council of Europe, the World Parliament of Religions, URI (United Religious Initiative), Lady Liberty, and many other interfaith organisations.

The foundation is already a member of ESITIS (The European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies), founded in Amsterdam in 2005. We hope to expand our presence both in Europe, America and Asia. At the moment we have contact with South Africa and are supporting pagans there.

If you live in the UK you can also become a “Friend of PFI” even if you are not a member of the PF. Members of PF already enjoy reciprocal services of PFI.

Donations are most welcome. We suggest a minimum of EUR 13/ GBP10 for a year. For this you will have access to our inhouse quarterly magazine “Pagan World”. And of course everyone is welcome to join us on the PFI Forum

Gifts are also welcome. We will also be announcing specific projects to which you can make donations.

Become a Friend of PFI


Please make donations to Stichting Pagan Federation International directly by using a credit card or by using direct bank transfers.

To make a donation or become a Friend of PFI:

-International bank account number:
Account number: IBAN NL82 ABNA 0844726494, PFI Nederland, Zeist.

Payments within Euro countries are free of charges if you use the IBAN number.

Please note that international bank transfer charges can be high! Make sure you pay ALL costs! Payments within Euro countries are free of charges if you use the IBAN number.

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