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On September 12, 2009 PFI was present at the Day for Doreen in London. Doreen Valiente was one of the inspirations behind the Pagan Federation in the late 1960's. One of her last public appearances was in fact at the 1996 PF Annual Conference, London, when she gave a talk about her life and Wicca.

Morgana was asked to give a talk about Doreen and her influence in Europe at the Memorial Day. When making preparations she started thinking about the most influential text Doreen was accredited with. This was without any doubt The Charge of the Goddess. And so began the search for the different versions in different languages of this well-loved piece of prose. "Listen to the words of the great goddess..."

Together with Saddie LaMort she worked on this project for the next few months. This resulted in the DVD called "The Charge of the Goddess - the multilingual project". The collage of the different languages used, eleven in all, was shown at the Day for Doreen presentation.

The DVD also contains the texts and recordings of all the different versions in Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. There is lovely tribute from Lady Cara (USA) plus an interview with Morgana in which the various sources of the Charge of the Goddess are discussed.

In consultation with The Centre for Pagan Studies, who organised the Day for Doreen, it has been decided to make this DVD available via PFI.

The main proceeds will go to supporting the work of PFI so that we can fund more projects like this, including translations of important and classic pagan books. Part of the proceeds will also go to supporting the Doreen Valiente Trust, which pledges to safeguard her legacy.

Please support us by making a minimum donation of EUR 15 (plus EUR 3 postage). Please use the donation button on
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