Short History

The Pagan Federation (PF) was established in 1971 and was set up “originally as primarily a campaigning organisation: one that would actively fight the ignorance and negative attitudes towards Paganism which were at large in the country (UK) then and which obviously still exist in various forms today.” To help campaigning, it was essential to create a network of like-minded people who shared common aims. The second major focus of the PF therefore, was to put Pagans in touch with each other, so that they could share views and meet and talk. A nationwide network, now run by over 40 Regional Coordinators and numerous local organisers, has been put in the place so that members can meet and work together for the benefit of Paganism in general.

These two functions are still paramount today but have evolved as times have changed. It might still not be easy to "come out" as a Pagan now, but it was almost impossible a few decades ago. This change in perception, which the PF has helped cause, has enabled us to make considerable strides toward a more proactive and visible celebration of Paganism.

Pagan Federation International (PFI) was originally set up to serve the overseas members of the PF. In the pre-internet days it was so-called “pen-pal” organisation. About 1996 when email began the organisation changed. Tony Kemp a PF member living in France started coordinating the various countries where the PF members lived. Basically NL, Belgium, France & Germany. By 1999 – PFI was a fact, but still a district of the British organisation. About 2003 beginning to be clear that the whole of the PF should become PFI but this didn’t materialise. Instead the PFI moved towards greater autonomy. This culminated in the establishment of a Foundation in 2006. In July 2006 the Council of the PF approved the “affiliated status” of PFI and from that moment became a separate organisation.

Today the PFI has representatives in all of the continents.


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