Aims and Objectives

The primary objective is to support the rights of Pagans to worship freely and without censure, regardless of their race, gender, nationality or cultural background.

Therefore PFI’s main function is to provide information on Paganism in general and to counter misconceptions about the religion. In order to do this PFI has set the following sub-objectives:

1. To seek to support all Pagans in their personal and public life, to help ensure that they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and members of other religions.

2. To promote a positive profile for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan paths and beliefs to the media, official bodies and the greater community.

These (sub) objectives are very general and within an international context PFI has to deal with local, regional or national governmental influences. Each country or region has its own regulations and beliefs. To be able to have a clear function and to achieve its objectives PFI has chosen to set four (4) pillars in which its efforts can be categorized. These pillars give guidance to further functions, aims and objectives and are fully adjustable towards local regulations. Also the organizational structure plays an important part in achieving the objectives (see paragraph: Organizational structure)

The four pillars are:

- International support and networking

- Information

- Documentation

- Education


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