Organizational structure

PFI isn’t a religious organisation. As stated in the four pillars it aims to support community networks and provide legal, scientific and governmental bodies with proper information and advise about paganism in general. In this way PFI tries to support the rights of pagans to worship freely and without censure, regardless of their race, gender, nationality or cultural background as its primary goal.

Momentarily the foundation consists of 3 founding members and a large number of volunteers. PFI has its office in the Netherlands. PFI has no members, but each PFI nation is regarded a working party of PFI and functions as a separate entity. Each nation has its own national coordinator who is appointed and coached by the international coordinator of PFI. If pagans wish to join PFI, they can become a member of a PFI nation within their country. If there isn’t a PFI nation in their country, it is possible that one will be started or one can join the “WORLD”section.

Because of the fact the interest in pagan religions is growing, more and more work has to be done. There are many conferences, meetings, lectures, and events to attend. Also the interest from governmental and scientific bodies is growing. Therefore PFI has to undergo some changes. It must professionalize in some fields and to broaden the network within these bodies, much has to be learned and explored. Also PFI’s aim to start an information, documentation and education centre in the future will provide the necessity to see things from a different angle. This might mean a change within the structure of PFI. This is now under consideration.


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