International support and networking Due to technological developments it has become very easy to get in contact with people from all over the world with the help of for instance email, instant messengers and Internet websites. But itís not easy to find your way in the ever growing Internet. Let alone finding a person you want contact with, persons who share the same beliefs and visions. In many countries pagans form small groups or communities. Information is very splintered and there is not yet common sense about certain believes. PFI aims to support the formation of networks. A network, which makes it possible to get in contact with people (from all around the world) to support each other, learn and communicate with each other. Only through communication and dialogue people can support, help and understand each other.

PFI believes itís important that also non-pagans take part within this communication. In this way it is possible to have an intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. PFI is a member of ESITIS (The European Society for Intercultural Theology and Inter-religious Studies).

When networks form, communication and dialogue start, it becomes clear that people in various parts of the world have their own problems and questions. Varying from religious violence to fundamental rights. Therefore PFI aims to support pagans in general Ėalso non-members- with international affairs. At the moment PFI is not able to provide legal support but can provide information about past courtcases and so forth.

Supporting the formation of networks and dialogue on the public side is one important part of this pillar. To achieve its primary objective (as stated earlier) PFI believes in the importance of cooperation, communication, education and networking with legal, scientific, governmental and organizational bodies as well. PFI has participates in international projects such as EYID 2008 (European Year of the Intercultural Dialogue 2008). Also as an advisory body PFI has participated in public hearings from the Council of Europe. PFI also works together with human rights organisations such as UNITED (An international human rights organisation based in Amsterdam) and has recently started to interact with the Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU). The PFI also participated in the RIPE conference in Rome and the ESITIS in Salzburg.


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