Throughout the years many small communities have been formed in various countries. All with their own interpretation and rituals. Many youngsters are attracted due to television series like ‘Charmed’. But what is paganism exactly and even more important what isn’t paganism? Even today some legal bodies connect paganism with beliefs like Satanism. In some countries certain communities and rituals are forbidden even by law. PFI aims to provide clear and historical correct information about the origin, function and meaning of paganism. With this function PFI can advise for instance governments, legal bodies, the media, communities and give proper insights in the many ways paganism is practiced. Within the dialogue PFI believes it is very important to have the same reference framework.

The second function within this pillar is to provide information about conferences, events, gatherings, workshops and so on, which are organized by communities all over the world. Therefore PFI publishs its own quarterly magazine ‘Pagan World’ This magazine gives the various communities inside the network an opportunity to advertise their events, get in contact with each other or publish articles about different matters. The magazine is available to members on Internet and is accessible 24/7.

Because of the central position within the network PFI has or gets information about many issues, problems or matters from all sorts of different places. PFI doesn’t have a legal department yet, but is able to provide pagans within the network cases on similar matters or how to deal with problems, for instance in court cases.


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