Even today there are many misunderstanding about paganism. In some countries pagans are still murdered because they follow the path of nature. Misunderstandings about paganism, not knowing what it is, could be an explanation. Because of the many paths within paganism, its rituals and beliefs, it is sometimes hard to understand and pinpoint a clear outline of the followed path. PFI therefore aims to educate legal, scientific and governmental bodies about paganism.

But PFI doesn’t stop there. More and more people from all over the world have become interested in the ‘old ways’. Due to media like television, Internet and films young people become familiar with all kinds of different believes, rituals and paths that are related to paganism. With this growing interest PFI tries (as stated above) to provide correct information about paganism, the various paths and ritual connected to them. In the near future PFI aims to provide course or workshop outlines for those who are interested. PFI is also able to suggest speakers and trainers who can organise and give workshops and lectures (network function).


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